Mindful Life Counseling is the private practice founded and operated by Nanci Rose. Most of her clients seek her personalized approach as an alternative to standard psychotherapy.  Nanci has been s student of cross-cultural philosophies and meditation for over 35 years and is most aligned with Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen. This informs her work but does not  cloud her ability to work objectively with each client. Nanci was a professional in the field of addictions, as both a counselor and an educator, prior to earning her Graduate Certificate in Trauma Counseling. Her years of work in clinics and inpatient seetings have been invaluable for gaining an understandimg of  systems and  the recurring nature of many mental health issues. Nanci has a BA in Therapeutic Dance and a strong affinity with all the arts. She incorporates energic work and body awareness, along with music, journaling, creative artwork and meditaive visualization to generate the imagery needed to bring about right/left brain harmony. Mindfulness techniques are the groundwork for reducing anxiety, anger and depression, and finding calm in one’s life. See Nanci’s Home Page for a more complete description.

Nanci Rose and Mindful Life Counseling:


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